A Guide to Mindful Eating

WASTED! The Story of Food Waste

I love food. As a chef, I am always thinking of new ways to utilize all aspects of food as a chef. Food waste is an epidemic in America.

"90% of Food Waste in America goes to landfills…"

– Wasted Documentary

This was a shocking statistic. I have to admit, at first I thought this documentary was some sort of scare tactic, but this documentary took on a new twist. Wasted incorporated the harsh realities of food waste in a tasteful manner: through the eyes of great chefs.

This documentary was the prime example of innovation. I was inspired, captivated by the creativity of one of the most amazing chefs around the world. I thought to myself, how could I eliminate food waste in my own life. Here are three tips to eliminate food waste in your life:

1. Eat Ugly Produce

Many foods are wasted at the store merely because they don’t look perfect on the shelf. In reality, they have the same great taste. I’ve made it a mission to pick the ugly bell pepper or that apple with a slight bruise. We all have imperfections, even our foods, and it’s time to embrace it because it’s all delicious.

2. Connect with Food

Although we all may not have a chance to grow our own food, we can choose to buy locally from the communities around us.

3. Cook more! (maybe with an attractive Sous-Chef)

Fuel your creative spirit or propose a fun date night in! Whatever the dish, cooking more will allow you to experiment with new dishes guaranteed to use all of your new, fresh and healthy resources!

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