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Before I get to some our amazing food, we want to give you a taste (get it) of our journey here at Taste and Company.


Wait…how did BBQ PORK RIBS, finger lick’in good & VERY TASTEY GOOD.. GET IN THIS POST?!….just kidding I put it there.

Okay, okay. I had to put at least ONE picture. Doesn’t that BBQ chicken just look delicious?!


Taste and Company has established its reputation and incredible food thanks to you. We’ve loved every second. However, for those of you who are new to this blog and Taste and Company, here’s the scoop:

We’ve been catering in Los Angeles since 1991.

At Taste & Company, we believe exceptional food doesn’t need to be stuffy or pretentious. Some of our best menus are inspired by clients wanting a simple picnic or food that appeals to adults as well as 5 year olds.

Since 1991, Taste & Company has covered a lot of ground. Our staff comes from diverse culinary households, and as world travelers, we’ve been exposed to food and entertaining ideas worldwide.

With over forty years combined experience in the food industry, our creative team can make your entertaining dreams come to life.

"I have used Taste & Company at numerous events and they are the best!! The food is delicious, the service is outstanding and the Owner Cynthia is a delight to work with! I highly recommend Taste & Company!!

-Jessica L., client

Clients marvel at how Taste & Company can prepare exactly what they want, or run with a seed of an idea and create a one of a kind event. Our imaginative style and design, elegant presentations and heartfelt care keep our clientele coming back for seconds.

More importantly, we want want to share more with you. That’s why we created this blog! We want to keep you updated with all things food. And yes, you will get hungry. Don’t fret! Taste and Company is prepared to serve up news about our events, catering promotions, healthy recipes, exciting videos and more!

We can’t wait to begin this journey with you. Subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss out!!

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