Friday Fun Meals: Food you need for the weekend

Happy Friday everyone!

Fridays are the perfect day to go out on the town with friends, explore the city, or stay at home with loved ones.


Whether you are out on the town with your friends or at home with your dog, here are three Taste and Company meals to add some fun to your Friday and enjoy the weekend!!

Sizzling and Savory!

This delicious burger can be perfectly paired with a family lunch, a day with friends or after a really long workout! Because let’s face it,

we deserve to treat ourselves.


The 3 Ms of a Magical Weekend!

Make the weekend magical with Milk, Macaroons and Milkshakes. . . and a side of cookies

Vibrant Veggies


Don’t forget about your nutrients! With all of your fun this weekend, replenish your body with green bell peppers, yellow peppers and some pico de gallo! Not only are they filled with antioxidants but will help you recover after an exciting weekend!

Share your weekend with us and book your next catering event with Taste and Company!