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Discover the three C's of Taste: Cooking, Catering and Cynthia

"Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken."

- Oscar Wilde

Welcome to Taste: a blog with a big appetite. You will enjoy learning about new recipes and discovering new events with Taste and Company with a pinch of vintage aesthetic! We guarantee you will have so much fun going through this blog: uncovering the exciting world of cooking, catering and Cynthia!

Cynthia Mamukari, Head Chef of Taste and Company


Raised above her parents’ restaurant in New Jersey, Cynthia Mamukari was born into the food business.

"If I wasn’t working for my parents, I was helping my grandmother prepare the main meal."

- Cynthia Mamukari, Head Chef at Taste and Company

Cynthia graduated with honors from Syracuse University in Design and Architecture and worked for a top architectural firm, traveling all over the world and living in Paris and Athens.

The recession of the late 70’s hit the architectural business and building slowed to a crawl.

Cynthia moonlighted in an oh-so familiar place, a restaurant. She was the Maitre d’ and baker for L.A.‘s Joe Allen Restaurant. Cynthia’s flare for food, smooth management style and grace with the guests caught the eye of the owner-restaurateur, Joe Allen, who sent her to train as a chef at his New York location. There she put down her drafting pencils and took up a carving knife.
In addition to traveling and working as a private chef for celebrities and industry executives, as well as several chef and guest chef positions at Joe Allen’s in Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto and New York, she also designed the Orso kitchen in Los Angeles.

Cynthia’s first catering event was titled “Food As Architecture, Architecture As Food,” a fund-raiser for the Women’s Culinary Alliance, where she served a cast of thousands. The unique presentation, inspired by her background in design and architecture, was a creative success.

Living in California has influenced Cynthia’s take on cuisine with a focus on low fat, healthy eating. She developed a No-Added Fat, Sugar & Salt product line which parlayed into cooking for and traveling with celebrities and executives at the Creative Artist’s Agency