Three Tips to Increase Your Vegetable Intake

temp-post-imageEveryone always tells you to eat your vegetables. But no one ever tells you how often you should see these vegetables on your table or how to incorporate them into your super busy lifestyle. Here are three short tips guaranteed to add more veggies into your life!

1. Use the “side hustle” approach

“I am going to meal prep everyday”- ambitious people

Although some people are on their meal prep game better than others, we understand life can get in the way. If you're out for lunch or dinner, no problem; order a side of vegetables! That way you can still get in your veggies while treating yourself in the process!

2. Check the freezer aisle

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

Farm fresh veggies are T&C's motto, but frozen veggies are a great alternative for you overachieving active people! Not sure where to go? Health food stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Sprouts have delicious frozen veggie options. However, if those are not in your area, look for butternut squash or sweet potatoes! Vegetables that are red and orange are rich with vitamins and minerals.

Ratatouille Prepared by Taste & Company

This is excellent for maintaining a healthy weight or keeping it off! Go on jet setting and look good doing it.

3. Make your plate look pretty.

Let’s face it, everyone is taking pictures of their food nowadays. Like most selfie takers, photographers look for the best lighting to truly capture rich colors or vibrants landscapes. Think of your plate as a blank canvas. You have the power to create anything you want.

That’s right, you got this!

The best part is, usually a vibrant plate is good for you as well!

Doesn’t this ratatouille to the right look gorgeous?! ->

And it’s healthy too, prepared by Taste & Company. Now that you have some tips, be sure to comment on this post and let us know what you think! We are also open to all your wonderful ideas!

Until next time, eat more veggies.

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